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December is an Interesting Month

There are big holidays, religious and otherwise, festivities, and for many here in the US, long-awaited vacation time. It’s a month where we assume “all is merry and bright.”

It’s also a month in which a lot of people struggle. Maybe they’re looking back on the year and are dissatisfied with what they’ve accomplished. Maybe they’ve lost loved ones and can’t imagine celebrating without them. Maybe they are simply struggling with finding their joy.

Today and through the new year, take a moment from your usual holiday routines and let someone know that you see them. That they matter.

On a lighter note

My December has given me unexpected surprises.

In good ways, like seeing family and getting my email running again. And in crazy ways, like losing my website and a quick trip to the emergency room to have a sliver of glass removed from my foot.

I’m looking forward to ending my year with family, friends and some big plans to share with you in 2022.

I wish all of you the happiest, merriest holidays and the brightest of new years.

And if this season is hard for you, I send my sincerest, warmest hugs. You’ll get through this and see joy again!