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YA Romance

Playing with Mistletoe

Mistletoe Madness is just a game. She’ll need to remember that if she’s going to protect her heart.

Meet Parker

Bad boy, sweet girl, and a spoiled mean girl who doesn’t want them together.

Sparks, Insults and Awkward Situations

She insulted the most popular guy in school. Now she has his entire family’s attention.

A Trial of the Heart

A wayward wish and a fairy on trial.

One Perfect Wish

A nerd, an outcast, and a rogue fairy. What could go wrong?

Popularity is Everything

Happily ever after is supposed to be with Prince Charming. Not with the King of the Nerds.

Meet Jackson

School has taught him a lot. Volunteering with her might teach him so much more.

Meet Drake

No acting is needed when he falls for his co-star.

Meet Winter

His secret admirer letter was given to the wrong girl – his biggest rival.

Meet Quincey

For a thrill-seeker, sometimes love is the scariest adventure.

Meet Justice

It’s time to step out of the friend zone.

Sparks, Schemes and Taking Risks

She’s tired of being the second place twin. Just once she’s going to make sure she comes first.

A Competition Too Sweet

Someone entered him into a best couple contest with three girls. Could one of them be the girl he’s looking for?

Fake Profile. Real Love?

Can a fake online relationship lead to real love?

Fake Relationship? No Problem!

She would do anything for her best friend. Including fake date his brother.

Fake Identity. Familiar Face?

It’s all fun and games until someone falls in love.

Her Reputation is Everything

If she doesn’t attend the wedding of the year, her life is over.