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Meet Winter

A great writer who has all the right words for the wrong girl.

Winter Watkins has finally gotten up the nerve to confess his love to his secret crush. Too bad his carefully written notes get handed to the wrong girl. A very wrong girl, his co-editor and enemy combatant, Renae Montez. If Renae finds out the notes are from him, she’ll think he set her up, and then they’ll be enemies for real. He’s hoping Marissa Morris, the school’s resident matchmaker, can help him figure a way out of this mess.

Renae can’t believe she has a secret admirer, but the proof is in her hands. Literally. Gifts and romantic notes keep arriving, so it must be true. Every journalistic instinct in her body screams to uncover the mystery behind the love notes, and she knows somehow Winter’s involved. She’s just not sure if this will lead to a happily ever after or a huge disappointment.

Marissa’s got her work cut out for her. Save Winter, protect Renae from getting her heart broken, and somehow bring together two people who have no clue they’re absolutely perfect for each other. This may be her greatest challenge yet.

This is the 4th novella in The Matchmaker series.

“This kind of story makes me so happy. I loved seeing the progression of the relationship from rivalry, to friendship, to attraction, to romance. I read the entire novella in one setting because it was simply an enjoyable read.”
– An Amazon Reviewer