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Sparks, Schemes and Taking Risks

She’s tired of being the 2nd place twin….

Sweet 16 and never been kissed. For Hailey Knowles, only part of that phrase is true — no one calls her sweet, especially not her older sister Taryn whom Hailey has pranked all her life.

But the Knowles family’s peaceful life is about to turn upside down, because spontaneous, reckless, fun-loving Hailey is tired of living in her perfect sister Bailey’s shadow. She’s decided it’s time to get a boyfriend before her twin does. Impulsively, Hailey approaches the new guy in town, Paul Sparks, and asks him to be her boyfriend for the next two weeks.

A real boyfriend. No pretending involved.

Hailey’s going to enjoy every single minute of her girlfriend status with this amazing boy, even if it means launching quite possibly her craziest scheme yet. Plus, it’s not like anything serious can happen in only two weeks. It takes a lot longer to discover a secret admirer, get grounded for life, fall in love and become the perfect girlfriend.

Doesn’t it? 

“It brought to life that sometimes our weird quirks and insecurities are what makes us truly awesome”
– An Amazon Reviewer