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A Competition Too Sweet

The last thing he wants is the spotlight. But when he’s forced into a romantic challenge, the chaos begins…

Hunter Toben can’t wait for his older brother to leave for college so the pranks will finally stop. But first he has to endure watching the preening fool win the lame “Sweet Insanity Best Couple” contest for the fourth time. But his dread turns to horror when he discovers his mischievous sibling has signed him up in the competition with not just one, but seven different girls.

Shocked when two of his stunning partners engage in a savage rivalry to use him to claim the title, Hunter finds himself drawn to the carefree and alluring Violet instead. And when he unexpectedly pulls into the lead, he struggles to balance loyalty to his brothers with his budding feelings for Violet.

Can Hunter beat his big bro and get the girl along the way?

Sweet Insanity is the second book in the lighthearted Mallory Falls YA contemporary romance series. If you like quaint settings, quirky twists, and first-prize surprises, you’ll adore this charming tale.

“I loved Mistletoe Madness as soon as I read two page(s).”
– Bollagurl, An Amazon Reviewer