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Meet Quincey

A thrill-seeker ready to take it to the next level.

Quincey Steele’s Spring Break plans are interrupted when his tween cousins come to stay with him. Instead of the laid-back week he originally planned, he and the boys are having a week of adventures: skateboarding, ziplining and indoor skydiving, just to name a few. He never expected to add rescuing a broken-hearted teenage girl to his agenda.

When popular Adelle Black discovers her boyfriend is a cheater, she’s suddenly single and friendless for Spring Break. Looking for anything to keep her mind off her former life, she reluctantly agrees to babysit a couple of wild eleven-year-old boys while their cousin works. Dealing with the twins is a snap; dealing with her growing feelings for their cousin is a risk Adelle may not be ready to take.

Marissa Morris is a matchmaker looking for her next perfect couple. When Quincey needs a babysitter and Adelle needs a distraction, it seems fate has given her an ideal solution. Now she has to convince the two that what they need most is each other.

This novella is the 5th in The Matchmaker series.