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Meet Parker

A little bit bad and a lot in love.

Callie Nichols knows the new boy in school is trouble, and tutoring him will only get her into closer contact with his outrageous humor and over-the-top flirtations. Surely, she can help Parker with his grades and not lose her heart in the process.

Parker Revis fell for Callie practically the moment he met her, and his failed test is the perfect excuse to spend more time with her. But when his past player ways come back to haunt him, he has to convince Callie and his family that he’s a reformed man.

Marissa Morris is a matchmaker, and she sees the sparks between Callie and Parker. But this time, her matchmaking ways may actually hurt the couple’s chances rather then help. Can she get this pair out of the friend zone, or will her interference separate them even more?

This novella is the 2nd in The Matchmaker series.

“Yet another good story that makes me want to read a bit more.”
– An Amazon Reviewer