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Playing with Mistletoe

A two-week kissing spree.

That’s what Scarlett Simon discovers when her mother unexpectedly moves their family to Mallory Falls, a quaint town full of strange traditions. Including one mistletoe-inspired event for the whole community. Scarlett refuses to be charmed by the town or its residents, especially not by one very determined Sage Toben who has made it his personal mission to lure her under the mistletoe every chance he gets.

Scarlett knows it’s only a matter of time before her mother moves them again, so the wise thing to do is avoid ties of any kind and remain an outsider. But there is something magical about Mallory Falls, and while most people are playing Mistletoe Madness for fun, some of the residents are playing for keeps.

And Scarlett is playing defense to keep her family and her heart safe until they move again. Connecting to the town, making friends, and falling for a guy who has all the right moves is not just a bad idea.

It’s truly madness!

This story contains lots of kissing and a determined guy who knows the importance of never taking life — or mistletoe — for granted.

“I loved Mistletoe Madness as soon as I read two page(s).”
– Bollagurl, An Amazon Reviewer