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Fake Profile. Real Love?

Can a fake online profile lead to real love?

Fiona is forced to live with relatives while her parents pursue their dreams. Her aunt doesn’t want her there, and her cousin, Cyn, only wants revenge on her ex-boyfriend. That’s when Audra is born; a fake online profile using glammed up pictures of Fi. All Fiona wants is peace until she can convince her parents to come get her. Even if that means lying to a guy who may not be as evil as her cousin proclaims.

Nathan has enough to deal with. He needs his secret business to succeed and get his dad off his back. He needs to distance himself from his clingy ex-girlfriend. The last thing he needs is to get distracted by the mysterious new girl in town. But there’s something about Audra that’s captured his attention and interacting with her online is the most fun he’s had in a long time.

Catfishing is a dangerous game.  Will Fiona get caught in her lies and ruin her chance for love?

“The story is told in the dual POV and brings all the feels. It moves fluidly and is an enjoyable read.”
– Bleem58, A BookBub Reviewer