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Meet Justice

A best friend who’s ready to leave the friend zone.

Marissa Morris has helped five couples find true love. Now she’s testing her skills as a matchmaker on her most challenging assignment yet – her best friend Justice. She’s convinced him to give her three chances to find his perfect match, but finding true love for Justice is a lot harder than she’d anticipated.

Justice Kane has loved Marissa forever. When she asks him to go on three blind dates, he agrees — as long as she goes on three dates he sets up. It’s the perfect opportunity to show her they belong together. Now that prom is here and their senior year is almost over, Justice is ready to risk his friendship for a chance at something more.

The five girls Marissa has helped find love come together to help their matchmaker find her own happily ever after. She’s focused so much on everyone else that she’s completely overlooked her own chance at love. This time, the tables are turned on the matchmaker. Can they convince her that true love has been right in front of her this whole time?

This is the final novella in The Matchmaker series and contains spoilers for all the other novellas.

“Everything I wanted and needed! This final book was so gratifying as a reader! And the epilogue… I literally said aaawwwww out loud. Sad it’s over but I feel so good with how it all ended.”
– A Goodreads Reviewer