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Meet Jackson

He has everything — except what he needs.

Jackson Kane has a problem, and Laurel Kestrelli is the answer.  After Jackson’s guidance counselor tells him he needs to list charity work on his college applications, Laurel comes to the rescue with a toy drive for a local children’s hospital.

Laurel has her own problem — her secret crush on Jackson.  If she’s going to finish her charity work with her heart intact, then she’ll need to keep her secret safe.

Jackson and Laurel have another problem.  Self-appointed, high school matchmaker Marissa.  She notices the sparks between her friends and decides it’s time to intervene.  Will her interference help Jackson and Laurel find true love or will it ruin any chance of their happiness together?

This novella is the 1st book in The Matchmaker series.

“This was a quick, enjoyable read that kept me entertained.”
– An Amazon Reviewer