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A Trial of the Heart

On his last birthday, Micah Jones wished for a girlfriend, an impulsive, stupid wish because he thought he’d fallen in love.

Now that he’d come back to his senses, he realizes what he really needs is to secure his future and take care of his grandmother. This means girls and girlfriends are on hold. Indefinitely.

Too bad the girls of Rocky Coast didn’t get the memo.

The opportunity of a lifetime is finally giving him a chance to make his dreams come true, if only Regina, Kacie and Lucki would let him concentrate on his job instead of demanding his attention.

Horace Coldspring takes his job as a fairy godfather very seriously, which is why he was torn when Micah wished for love. On top of that, Horace has his own issues. His wife, Lucille, is on trial for breaking their fairy laws, and if she’s found guilty she could lose the right to have human godchildren — or worse. The trial is taking all of his attention, and time is quickly slipping away to grant Micah’s wish. No matter what he does, there are consequences, ones that might impact their lives forever. If Horace is going to save his wife and bless his godchild, he just might need to follow his wife’s philosophy and follow his heart. No matter what the cost.