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Meet Drake

A great actor who’s playing it real.

Gigi Dearborn lands the blind date of a lifetime with the gorgeous actor Drake Tarleton. And then he never calls. When she gets the chance to work on his set, she hopes to avoid him. After all, she’s really only there for the money, not to start a romance with an up-and-coming teen actor.

Drake’s worked hard to balance his acting job and being a normal teen. He enjoyed his date with Gigi and wants to see her again. But then his diva co-star ruins the season’s finale, and Drake finds himself saving his show instead of calling the girl he wants to know better.

Marissa Morris is a matchmaker with a few successful matches amongst her friends. She recognizes the potential for Gigi and Drake and wants to get them together. This time, though, she’s got to navigate big egos and big stars. Can Marissa help her friends find true love when Hollywood comes to their hometown?

This is the 3rd novella in The Matchmaker series.