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One Perfect Wish

Every sixteen-year-old gets one perfect wish.

Shaw Adams needs love in his life.   And Lucille is determined to grant it to him, even though, technically, she’s not his fairy godmother.  With her apprentice’s help, she launches a daring plan to match him with the most popular girl in town, Lilah Greenough.  

There’s just one problem – edgy, new girl Sara Fine.

As a foster child, Sara doesn’t get attached — to places, people, and definitely not boys.  She knows it’s only a matter of time before she’ll move to the next foster home and leave everyone behind. Yet something about Shaw irresistibly attracts her, and she can’t sit idly by while he falls into mean-girl Lilah’s clutches.

 For the first time in her life, Sara is tempted to risk heartache on a chance at happily ever after. Who will win the battle for Shaw’s heart – the fairy’s choice or the rebel who’s breaking all the rules?  Or will they both be left behind when Shaw chooses his own destiny?

“The story telling was so good I couldn’t put it down”
– Jaime, an Amazon Reviewer