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Her Reputation is Everything

If she doesn’t attend the wedding of the year, her life is over.

After losing Sweet Insanity, Loren can’t afford another public humiliation, especially from the Tobens. Another insult from that wretched family could ruin her popularity and her senior year. Which is why she has to attend Kelly Toben’s wedding. Now that the Tobens have a house guest, Loren sees a way to snag an invitation to the wedding of the year and salvage her reputation.

There’s just one obstacle in her way. A snarky, annoying roadblock named Forrest who is intent on getting under her skin and past her defenses.

With her personal world crumbling around her, all she has left is her public image, and no handsome boy with mind-blowing kisses will prevent her from achieving her goal. Attend the wedding, stay on top of the social pyramid, and keep the pretense that her world is perfect.

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